Afternoon Sailing Tour

Spend an idyllic afternoon of pure sailing and whale watching aboard Riva - cruise the scenic Kohala coastline and watch for whales, dolphins and other marine life.

Afternoon Sailing Tour

2.25 hours | 1:00 pm - 3:15 pm

$106per person*

*Private Charters for up to 6 passengers.

Want to really feel the the power of the wind move you while having an amazing afternoon watching humpback whales, dolphins and the sights of the Kohala Coast? Then join us for pure sailing aboard this comfortable proven bluewater cruising boat!

We’ll skip the snorkeling on this cruise and focus on filling the sails and having some fun while cruising the serene Kohala coastline, always keeping an eye out for humpback whales, dolphins and other marine life.

The topography of this special area of the Pacific welcomes the tradewinds, but generally blocks wet, uncomfortable seas. Experience what it’s like to be transported by nothing but Mother Nature’s wind energy, and feel your spirit soar as we glide along the water.

Fresh pineapple,maui chips and non-alcoholic beverages are provided , please feel free to bring your own favorite spirited beverages onboard. Ice and cups are provided.

Sailing with Capt. Steve Turner on Riva is the perfect vessel to get the most of your humpback whale watch.
Why perfect? Four reasons:


Capt. Steve has more than 26 years’ experience as a professional whale watch captain in Hawaii, and he has taken thousands of passengers off shore to observe these mighty marine mammals and their mesmerizing behaviors. He has mastered the techniques to provide you the best whale watch possible without disturbing the natural behavior of the whales. Our naturalist/interpreter will share all you want to know about humpback whales, and interpret the behaviors we see.

Wide open photo ops

 We take six passengers max, so you won’t have to navigate around someone else’s body for that awesome shot -- that means more great photos.

Hear them exhale

Riva is super quiet under sail, and with the engine off, you can hear the humpbacks exhale or “blow. ” You can sometimes even hear their inhalation and the water roll off their tail flukes when they dive. We'll listen to their famous singing with our hydrophone and sometimes we hear their song through the hull of the vessel! This isn’t typical on most boats; quiet is a very important factor for an excellent whale watch. On Vessel RIVA you'll never have to endure loud engines or a blasting PA system on your special whale watch.


Our 34-foot sailboat Riva harnesses the wind whenever possible during our whale watch. When we do use the engine, we burn less fuel than any other boat: only a ¼ gallon an hour.

Kohala Sail & Sea is also a proud supporter of The Sea Shepherd Conservation

A portion of all fares go to to support direct action conservation,thank you for booking with us and making a difference.

**Due to the operating cost involved,we currently require  4 fares  to run this sail. We will make all efforts to book the 6 seats on this afternoon sail prior to your departure date. Example: If you're a booked party of only 2 passengers and we are unable to book any other passengers by your sail date, we will contact you within 48 hrs of your sail, and at that time you will have the option to pay the additional $212 fare to make the charter run. (A great private charter price!) Or, you can reschedule or cancel your sail and receive a full refund.Refunds may not be provided if you cancel inside of 48 hrs. of your departure time.

*Fare price does NOT include Hawaii excise tax @4% and Hawaii harbor use fee @3% and online booking convenience fee (if applicable)

Dolphins just over the side of the boat
Dolphins just over the side of Riva

Afternoon Sailing & Whale Watching Tour

2.25 hours |1:00 pm - 3:15 pm

$106per person*

*Private Charters for up to 6 passengers.