Whale Watching Sailboat Tours

Whale season starts December 1st

Join us at Kohala Sail & Sea for the most amazing humpback whale watch from an uncrowded, eco-friendly and affordable sailing charter and create memories you will cherish for a lifetime!

Whale Watching Sail Tour

2.25 hours | Offered 3 times Daily

$106 per person*

Private Charter: $500 for up to 6 passengers.

The Kawaihae area of the Kohala Coast is by far the best whale watching available on the Big Island, so get away from the boat crowds in Kona and enjoy quiet and peaceful whale watching on the serene Kohala Coast.

Every year Hawaii welcomes the Pacific humpback whales in their yearly migration. Join Captain Steve and crew aboard the Riva, our 34-foot sailboat for the best whale watch anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.

Humpback whale watching from our sailboat is typically quiet compared to most other boats and being able to hear the whales breathe is a very special part of any whale watch not to be overlooked. We also deploy a high-tech hydrophone to listen for their primal song.

Reserve your seat now for the best whale watch on Hawaii's Big Island.


The Riva is the perfect vessel to experience Hawaii's humpback whales, here's why:

Small Groups

Our sailing tours are 6 person maximum capacity, which means you have wide-open photo opportunities and plenty of individual attention.


Knowledgeable Crew

Our naturalist/interpreter will share all you want to know about humpback whales, and interpret their behaviors for you while Captain Steve maneuvers the Riva for optimal viewing without disturbing the natural behaviors of the whales.


Our sailboat Riva harnesses the wind whenever possible during our whale watch. If we use the engine, we burn less fuel than any other boat: only a ¼ gallon an hour.

Kohala Whale Watching sailing from Kawaihae

We are located in the new Kawaihae South Small Boat Harbor, just minutes from the Kohala Coast resorts, and are adjacent to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. These conservation waters protect humpback whales and other marine life, and are known for steady tradewinds. The mountains here typically prevent the winds from creating steep pitches on the ocean’s surface, and the seas remain relatively gentle under sun-soaked skies and cool ocean breezes. Plenty of free parking is available in the new harbor.

Whale Watching Sail Tour

2.25 hours | Offered 3 times Daily

$106 per person*
Private Charters: $500 up to 6 passengers,Custom trip times are available.

**Due to the operating cost involved, a $325 revenue minimum is required for us to run this whale watch. We will make all efforts to book the 6 seats on this whale watch prior to your departure date. Example: If you're a booked party of only 2 passengers and we are unable to book any other passengers by your sail date, we will contact you within 24 hrs of your sail, and at that time you will have the option to pay the additional $155 fare to make the charter run. (A great private charter price!) Or, you can reschedule or cancel your whale watch and receive a full refund.

*Fare price does NOT include Hawaii excise tax @4% and Hawaii harbor use fee @3%